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The first sales network in Italy of certified consultants

“Decide your future,
started writing it, insist,
never betray your dreams.”

Web & Tlc Consultant

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Web & Sw Consultant

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Power and gas Consultant

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“A story started in 2008.

A dream definied challenging, considered impossible: dream of being able to create something great.

A office, a sales network created by a group of people united by the same values and desires.

A dream that was only in our mind, has passed on paper: after with love, commitment, dedication, sacrifice, has become action.”

Two friends, united by same desires, became business consultants, sales agents. The name isn’t important.

Two friends, wishing to form a company that would be able to develop a professional job, a new profession characterized by something unique which differed from competition and that created employment.

Different texts, to understand a perfect methodology to be adapted; a methodology leading with the scent of a doubl success: on the one hand implementation for human resources, on the other the most extensive and sought-after satisfaction for the customer.

Talk to people to understand what do you want and an almost obsessive research: the research for the best way to cross to make the route easier for others.

This is how our company was born, pratically out of nowhere, to born by the sound of our ideas, carved every day with dignity, pride, love and passion for what you do and for whats you believe, from the first day.

A company by choice 100 % self-financed: Self Made Man.

The one that was an idea born and developed ina room of 12 square meters in a small Apulian town of 30.000 people, today is a organizative structure costantly evolving and expandable on the natioale territory that has about 100 employees.

2008 – 2018

Great men of the past have represented our nation making itself appreciated all over the world in literary, science, history, sport and industry.

For this reason we believe that the earth is made of talents and we wish to always found new remembering every day that tradition, history, past and future must rappresented us.

To create a perfect companies, composed by happy people that every day believed in improvement linked to change and to the increase taht belief made of commmitment, union, passion and innovation.

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