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The Sunder Internal Training Academy is the business creation strongly desired by the founding members and shared by all staff, to raise the professional level of all human resources.

The Internal Academy, represents our added value, great pride of our organization.
We know that we teach an art, not a job. For this reason that the development of the individual takes place through parallel growth on a personal basis and professional: “improve my ego, improve my professional figure”.

It is the true heritage of our company: an internal training academy with training courses high level for employees and certified business consultants, to go further and make the difference.

Every year, a rich programm marketing, sales, communicationand other themes with internal and external experts.

“If business resources grow, the company grows and increasing the standard of each component the improvement is assured”.

Formation Sundera

A team of professional managers trains and prepares all our business advisors who thus undertake a complete trainingcourse on sales, concerning:

  • effective and pleasant communication
  • Ars Oratoria and Public Speaking
  • Elements of economy, business organization, strategic marketing
  • Correct use of voice in life and work
  • Marketing techniques
  • Elements of style & leadership

Market leadership, it isn’t comfort or position rent.

The training thus, periodic and systematic, requires commitment and constancy ensuring the development of each business division and professional growth of each employee Sundera.

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