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Who are we

SunDera is an italian society of the tertiary sector specializing in sales and business consulting B2B in the world of business services and especially towards PMI and freelancers.

It has a direct sales network, with four divison, made up of certified consultants who operate in some italian regions with an innovative model customer acquisition and management.

We are present in five sectors: web marketing, software management, telecommunications, power and gas.

It was born in Apulia on e December 2008 from brillant idea of thw two partners, Andrea Dettole and Fabio De Lucia, today the companies Italian excellence award-winning to innovation and quality.
Direction and managment of the commercial network is entrusted by Managers who guide certified consultants in a career path with an accurate, meticulous and preparatory training to the management of a rede sale. In this way we develop personality and professionalism of internal staff savoiding hiring and recruiting managers from outside.

Also the entire production cycle, the maniacal care of every process of costumer care, including the widowed post yùthat refears to a data entry center and a dedicated customer service, created inside the company, that doesn’t make use of managers and external staff.

“Moving correctly in the directions of our objectives, nothing can stop us, and we’ll find out in the daily difficulty the best opportunity of increase”.

The founding members tell each other

Andrea Dettole - CEO & Co-founder

I’m Andrea Dettole, founding member and administrator of SunDera. I start my professional career as a sales agent carreer in 2006 in the TLC world, falling in love with this profession that I think it’s an art. Since December 2008 I’m CEO of this group, it founded with two precise goals and professional through a constant business evolution.

1. First, to be in Italy the best digital strategic support for entrepreneurs and freelancers who wants distinguish themselves positively;
2. Second, to represent in the workplace an oppurtunity and an economic waranty
A quotation from which I draw inspiration every day is ‘Only those who believe they can do it’ . every day I ask to my team are: humility, commitment and positivity.
‘Costantly engage with positivity, always maintaining the right humility’ is the phrase that I say every day during my working day.

Fabio De Lucia - commercial director & co-founder

Nice to meet you! I’m Fabio De Lucia and in quality of co-founder of our company I would like to welcome you to SunDera.

In 2006 at only 22 years, with Andrea Dettole, my great chilhood friend we breathed a dream: to create a company able to provide a true professional realization and personnel to every uùhuman resource that would have become part of it, through a targeted growth path. That’s how Sundera was born.
After have operated in the commercial division since 2008, dealing with sales management activities, I felt that towards the customers, present and future, we could do something more: as create a service that had the ability to increase the number of customers, sales and turnover. In November 2016, a new brand is born, Deraweb, of which I am the Commercial Director.
Deraweb is dedicated to all costumers who want increase sales through a correct use of the web, led by System 698, that includes simple websites and web strategies.
In the meantime I wish to say goodbye to you with I always repeat in the company: “ we we are called to be extraordinary through a continuous development of our talents, working to improve our skills and keeping your eyes firmly on a growing desire for planning”.

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